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Corporate Social Responsibility

SBI (Mauritius) Ltd has been involved in various CSR-related actions for many years. The bank has demonstrated its respect for human values and welfare of the community. SBIML actively participates in funding major projects promoting social welfare and poverty alleviation. Our other priority areas are education, health and environment.

We have partnered with key Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) such as Global Rainbow Foundation (GRF), SOS Children’s Village, Caritas and Enn Rev 1 Sourir to contribute in building a better society.
SBIML partnered with these NGOs and indulged in various projects such as providing assistive devices to disabled beneficiaries (GRF) or in launching the Smile Pediatric Service for needy children (Enn Rev Enn Sourir).

We are also sponsoring mid-day meal programme for children (Caritas Rodrigues) and operating cost of foster homes (SOS Children’s Village). 



Activities 2020


SOS Children's Village Bambous

For the past five years, we have been supporting SOS Children's Village Bambous through financial donations. These funds are used to meet expenses of SOS Family House as well as to cater for the school expenditure of the children. This year also, our donation will be used to cover the operating costs of the foster homes. 


Global Rainbow Foundation

We have been supporting the HOPE INITIATIVE project of the Global Rainbow Foundation (GRF) for several years. The aim of the HOPE INITIATIVE project is to provide assistive devices to people with disabilities and help them become more independent. 


Caritas Rodrigues

SBIML has been supporting Caritas Rodrigues for several years with their project of providing hot meals to vulnerable students everyday to allow them to attend classes regularly and show their interest in studies. The main objective of this project is to increase the academic performance of these students coming from different pockets of poverty and help them follow their courses regularly.


Enn Rev Enn Sourir

Enn Rev Enn Sourir is a registered NGO with the aim to help children get access to quality pediatric healthcare; local or abroad. SBIML partnered with Enn Rev Enn Sourir to help in launching the “Smile Pediatric Service” for the needy sick children. It is also a way to eliminate charity for sick children’s operation and treatment and to give a quality pediatric service to those children with specialized doctors or surgeons.  


For further details, please refer to our Annual Report.


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