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Corporate Social Responsibility

SBI (Mauritius) Ltd has been involved in various CSR-related actions for many years. The bank has demonstrated its respect for human values and welfare of the community. SBIML actively participates in funding major projects promoting social integration and poverty alleviation. Our other priority areas are education, health and environment.

We have partnered with key Non Governmental Organisations such as Global Rainbow Foundation, SOS Children’s Village, Caritas and Gayasingh Ashram to contribute in building a better society.


  • Global Rainbow Foundation - Provide support to disabled people; provide assistance to physically and mentally challenged individuals and relief to vulnerable groups. Works towards poverty alleviation and advancement of education.
  • SOS Children’s Village - Provide long term care to needy children
  • Caritas - Care for needy and neglected children in Rodrigues
  • Etoile du Berger - Provide support to children victims of abuse
  • Association des Amis de Don Bosco - Provide support to children victims of abuse
  • Soroptimist International - Support Child Day Care Centre for vulnerable children
  • Gayasingh Ashram - Provide assistance to senior citizens

SBIML partnered with these NGOs and indulged in various projects such as providing motorised wheel chair to disabled children for GRF, sponsoring meal programmes for Caritas Rodrigues or sponsoring running cost of foster homes for SOS Children’s Village and for Gayasingh Ashram.


For further details, please refer to our Annual Report.


Activities 2019


SBI CSR Event - Gayasingh Ashram

SBIML has been supporting the Gayasingh Ashram financially for the past years.  This year, our donation will help in providing individual aluminium cupboards for the residents (senior citizens and children) to keep their belongings. Through this initiative, SBIML continues to mark its philanthropic presence in Mauritius and is a further step in the Bank's approach to corporate social responsibility to enhance positive and sustainable social development. 


SOS Children's Village Bambous

For the past four years, we have been supporting SOS Children's Village Bambous through financial donations. These funds are used to meet expenses of SOS Family House as well as to cater for the school expenditure of the children. This year also, our donation will be used to cover the running costs of the foster homes. A cheque giving ceremony was held in March 2019 in presence of his Excellency Mr. Tanmay Lal, High Commissioner of India and Mr. Amedee Dabeecharan, General Director of SOS Children's Villages Mauritius.

Global Rainbow Foundation - HOPE Initiative

We have been suppoting the HOPE INITIATIVE project of the Global Rainbow Foundation (GRF) for several years. The aim of the HOPE INITIATIVE project is to provide assistive devices to people with disabilities and help them become more independent. This year also, SBIML is supporting the GRF, through a financial donation for the purchase of equipment, including motorized wheelchairs for the beneficiaries. A ceremony was held at the GRF headquarters in Petit-Raffray, in the presence of SBIML's Managing Director & CEO, Mr Shyam Swaroop Asthana and other Bank excutives on Thursday, 14 March 2019.



Maha Shivaratree


Every year, Maha Shivaratree, known as the ‘The Great Night of Shiva’, is celebrated with great devotion and fervor. Thousands of pilgrims from all around the island converge towards the sacred lake of Grand Bassin.  On their way to Ganga Talao the pilgrims will chant holy hymns in devotion to Lord Shiva. Volunteers offer food, fruits, juice, and tea to the pilgrims which are served under stalls where the pilgrims can rest before they continue their pilgrimage. SBI (Mauritius) Ltd has been collaborating with the Mauritius Sanatan Dharma Temples Federation annually to serve pilgrims at Grand Bassin.


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