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[1] Why a SBI INTOUCH Digital Outlet in Mauritius?

Digital transformation and penetration is now a global phenomenon and Digital Banking is no exception. The emergence of new technologies and expectations of tech-savvy customers is changing the way banking is conducted.

Traditional banking involving several visits to the nearest bank branch is slowly becoming a thing of the past especially among the younger generation and high net worth customers.

We, in Mauritius cannot fall behind and buck the trend. Hence, SBI (Mauritius) Ltd  has introduced the concept of Digital Banking outlet with a view to give a superior Banking experience to its esteemed customers and be in touch with the customers.


[2] What is the concept of SBI INTOUCH Digital Outlet?

Digital Banking is a first of its kind Banking experience in Mauritius, with less of papers and filling up documents on the part of customers.

For the first time, Account opening activity can be completed by our customers digitally with very less paper work, of course, complying with the 'Know Your Customer' norms of the Regulator.

For the first time, Debit Cards to the customers can be issued instantly within about 15 to 30 minutes time of opening the Account.

For the first time, Customers can get access to their Internet Banking Account instantly as part of Account opening Activity.

What more, all Customers visiting the Outlet will get to know more about Bank, Branches, its Products and Services through an easy-to-use menu driven, touch screen, interactive- digital wall.

So, Digital Banking is all about delightful digital Banking experience, conducting transactions in minimal time with maximum leisure and pleasure.


[3] How does the SBI INTOUCH Digital Outlet differ from a traditional Banking Branch?

The SBI INTOUCH Digital Banking Outlet will have user friendly, self-serving KIOSKs like

Account Opening KIOSK.
Debit Card Printing KIOSK
Internet Banking KIOSK,
ATMs and ATM Recyclers
Digital Wall
Video Wall to give customers a feel good factor about the Bank and country.


[4] Whether SBI INTOUCH Digital Outlet is a separate Branch?

SBI INTOUCH Digital Banking Outlet is only an outlet and not a separate Branch.It is part of the Ebene Branch.


[5] Will SBI INTOUCH Digital Outlet then be all about KIOSKs and Technology or will there be any staff?

In SBI (Mauritius) Ltd, we always believe new technologies should be introduced to our customers with a human touch. Therefore, we have a Supervisor and front end staff to assist or hand hold the customers, while enjoying the digital experience of Banking.


[6] What are the Contact Details for the SBI INTOUCH Digital Outlet?

E-Mail   Id :

Telephone: 4631213 Fax: 4631350


[7] What are the timings of the new SBI INTOUCH Digital Outlet?

The outlet is available for its services from 11.00 am to 6.00 pm- Tuesday to Saturday. However, the Cash deposit and ATM Services are available 24x7 at the outlet.


[8] Where is the location of the new SBI INTOUCH Digital Outlet?

The new SBI INTOUCH Digital Banking Outlet is located at La CityTrianon in Quatre Bornes.


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