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Savings Account

Savings Account

Mauritius Saving Account


Our savings account helps you manage your money with instant access. Its main features are:-

Minimum Balance of Rs 1000/-

Attractive Interest Rate payable twice yearly with a minimum balance of Rs 1000/-

ATM Card


Savings account with Cheque Book includes all the features of a Savings account with the facility of a cheque book.


SBI Gen Next (Minor a/c):

Combines all the features of a savings account.

The account is operated by the legal guardian/parent of the minor until the age of 18 and converted to a savings account upon majority of the account holder.


Documents required to open a Personal account at SBI (Mauritius) Ltd:-

  • Copy of National ID Card/Valid Passport

  • Proof of Address (Recent Utility Bill less than 3 months)

  • Certification of Residence Letter (if applicable)

  • Marriage Certificate/Birth Certificate (if applicable)

  • Proof of Income/Source of Wealth


Expatriate/Non Resident:-

  • Clear Copy of Passport (First 3 pages to include date of arrival)

  • Copy of Permanent Residence

  • Copy of current Proof of Address (less than three months)

  • Independent Bank Reference (As applicable)

  • Residence permit/Work Permit/Occupation Permit(As applicable)

  • Letter from Employer confirming employment in Mauritius and proof of Income


For Self  Employed/ Trader:-

  • Copy of National ID Card/Valid Passport

  • Proof of Address (Recent Utility Bill less than 3 months)

  • Copy of Valid Trade Licence/Trade Fee Receipt

  • Marriage Certificate/Birth Certificate (if applicable)

  • Copy of Business Registration

  • Proof of Income/ Source of Wealth


For Minor:

  • Birth Certificate of Minor

  • Copy of National Identity card/Passport of Legal Guardian/Administrator

  • Proof of Address for Legal Guardian/Administrator

  • Copy of Judge’s Order (if applicable)

  • Proof of Income/Source of funds


 Non-Professional customers :

  • Copy of National Identity Card/Valid Passport

  • Proof of Address

  • Recent Passport Size Photo

  • Proof of Income/Source of Wealth


Corporate Accounts:-

  • Business Registration Card

  • Trade Licence

  • Latest Finacial Statement or Forecast in case of new company

  • Business Plan

  • A list of all Directors, Shareholders and Authorised Signatories

  • Board Resolution

  • Appointment of Banker's form clearly specifying Authorised Signatories and mode of operation

  • Clear copy of NIC/Passport

  • Proof of Address less than 3 months (KYC for directors, shareholders, secretary and authorised signatories)

  • Memorandum &  Articles of Association/constitution (if any)

  • Company Seal (if any)

  • Set of Application form for Incorporation of a company to Registration of companies

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