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YONO Digital Branch

YONO Digital Branch

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   YONO Digital Branch


•    The YONO SBI (Mauritius) App was launched in May 2020. It is a part of the YONO Global Project, which is an ambitious project of our parent bank State Bank of India. SBI (Mauritius) is  privileged to be the 2nd Foreign Office where the YONO has been implemented. The App has provided seamless customer experience and is a business enabler. 


•    In order to create a brand awareness and also provide customer support on YONO related matters and personalised banking facility, the Bank has designed the YONO Digital Branch. The digital branch has a unique design with modern hardware and ergonomically designed furniture for a better customer experience.

•    The branch promotes and drives banking through digital platform. It is our signature branch in the island.

•    There is a self service INB Kiosk and an information desk for the customers.

•    Cash transactions are handled through ATM Recycler, installed in the branch premises. 

•    The branch has two Interactive Video Walls to display the entire range of products and services. 

•    Besides the normal banking, the branch helps the eligible retail customers to onboard on the YONO App Platform.

•    It is also a platform for the High Networth retail customers for all their banking needs. 

•    There is a relationship manager to manage the entire backend process of the YONO such as managing the New-to-Bank customers leads, cheque book issuance, schedule appointment with the customers, respond to customer e-mails, ATM card requests etc.

•    The YONO Digital Branch will provide a single stop solution for all the YONO related services and drive business.

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