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Export Services

Export Services

Export Services

Our Export services include Export Letter of Credit advising, confirmation and negotiation, handling of export collection documents and scrutiny of documents submitted under export Letter of Credit, export receivable financing backed by Credit Insurance or Counter Guarantee of Multilateral Lending Agencies, etc.
We possess ability to offer structured and customized solutions to suit your various requirements and our expertise in document checking based on the understanding of ICC rules (UCPDC 600/URR 522/URDG 758/ISP 98, etc.,) offer valuable guidance in preparation and execution of various kinds of export documents.
We have a dedicated export desk and competent officials to handle your requirement. Immediate credit of export proceeds, provided you have provided requisite documents and information.


Discounting/negotiation of bill

We understand your business and your need for liquidity. We are committed to help you in improving your cash flows. We negotiate/discount your Documentary credit compliant bills/drafts at a competitive rate, which allows you instant cash flows. We have competent staff manning our export desk at our Head Office, capable of examining your documents under LC without delay.
We also grant financing to customers against payment of front-end fees and interests by purchasing Bill of Exchange duly avalised by a local commercial bank.
We also discount bill on open account basis. Our team of experts assess your credit worthiness and sanction pre approved limit to allow you a convenient banking through out the year.


Export Documentary Collection

We forward your export documents pertaining to sale of goods and services, as per your instruction to buyer’s bank, with a request to present these documents to the buyer for payment/acceptance, indicating when and on what conditions these documents can be released to the buyer.
We handle import and export documentary collection orders both on DA and DP basis, subject to the Uniform Rules for Collections, ICC Publication No. 522.
We are committed to make your banking experience an enjoyable one by allowing you more control over your receivables, cutting down delays in receipt of your receivables


Letter of Credit Advising

We have a wide network of correspondents across the globe and having experts in our trade desks, which allows your LC to be authenticated by one of the best Bank in Mauritius. We ensure immediate advising of LC so that you can plan your consignment better.