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Financing Solution

Financing Solution

Mauritius Financing Solution

SBIML provides customized products that will meet the specific requirements of business concern

  1. Easy Business Loan Scheme:
  • Scheme specific for companies, professionals, partnership firm and societies.
  • Up to MUR 50.00 Mio of working capital and Term Loan finance.
  • Attractive rate of interest.


  1. Standby Line of Credit
  • For existing corporate, non corporate and SME customers to meet with business exigencies or unforeseen emergencies.
  • Up to 20% of approved working capital facility can be granted.
  • Existing security offered can be extended to cover the facility.


  1.  SME Car and Vehicle Loan Scheme:
  • For acquisition of car and other vehicles for commercial use by business units
  • Up to 85% financing of the cost of vehicle.
  • Maximum 7 years financing for purchase of new cars.


  1.  Loan for Property Purchase:
  • For purchase of land for construction of building for commercial activity.
  • Up to 70% financing of the cost of purchase.
  • Up to 8 years of repayment.


  1. OD and Loan against Fixed Deposits:
  • For financing against Fixed Deposits held with us in the name of company or individual
  • Up to 85% financing for working capital and Term Loan facilities.


For specific SME customers:

  1. SME Financing Scheme:
  • For all types of business customers classified under SME expect units dealing in real estate, traders and units dealing in luxury cars.
  • Can be given both as a Term loan and working capital limit.
  • Attractive rate of interest of Repo rate +2.00%
  • No processing fees.

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